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Adam Robinson -From Utah USA

  • River guide
  • Passionate about kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, paragliding, ice climbing, mountaineering, kite boarding, ski touring
  • USHPA T-3 Tandem Paragliding Instructor
  • USHPA P-4 (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association)
  • PADI Dive master
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • CPR/First aid certified
  • Advanced-IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization)
Favorite Quotes
“If it can be fulfilling, succeed or fail, you must try”
Gilles Gautier
“It’s not just a geographical location, its a place in the heart”
Joel Schone

Kevin Hintze

  • Advanced Paragliding Instructor- USHPA (United States Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association)
  • P-5 (Master Rating) -USHPA
  • Speed Wing Instructor ‘A’ License -USHPA (Speed Wing Instructor 3 years)
  • Skydiving and BASE jumping for 3 years
  • Paragliding Instructor 13 years
  • 5th place finalist 1999 Snowbird Open Distance XC Competition “before age of 20″
  • Paragliding guide (Turkey)
  • Paragliding 16 years
  • ‘Speed wing’ pilot 4 years.
  • Snow Kiting 10 years

Kevin has performed in airshows worldwide, such as Brazil, The Canary Islands, France and Turkey. He has a 9 year old son who loves being involved in Dad’s activities as much as possible. His son (Adam) has 30 solo paraglider flights under his belt, and ‘if we have anything to say about it’ a Paragliding Prodigy in the making. ‘Cross our fingers.’

“We are proud to have Kevin on our team, he and his experience are invaluable.”
Fly Mami Afrika President
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein
“60 percent of the time, it works every time”
Brian Fantana, Anchorman

John Ngobi

  • ex military, recon division, mountain survival unit, before the age of 20
  • 6yrs guide experience in ‘Adventure Tourism’ ie kyaking the Nile, Mountaineering, Gorilla trekking, trekking safaris, etc.
  • Involvement in multiple NGO operations
  • Aspiring rock climber and paragliding pilot
  • Proud father of 2 boys and married to lovely Sophia
  • Go to man

From Kasese Town, Uganda, Southwest Uganda, at the foot of the Grand peaks of Mt. Rwenzori (19000 ft/5200 metres elevation)

His local knowledge of customs, traditions and national travel routes are of the utmost importance to our objectives. Not to mention he speaks 12 of the Ugandan languages, Kiswahili and English.

Michel “Mike” Fougere

  • Certification with HPAC Canada
  • Instructor’s certification,*HPAC.
  • Advanced pilot certification, *HPAC
  • Tandem pilot certification, *HPAC for on board flight training of students.
  • Transport Canada certified airspace navigation, HAGAR #5802-902466
  • Canadian Red Cross “C” CPR / AED
  • Certification with APPI Swizerland
  • Instructor’s certification, APPI
  • Tandem pilot certification, APPI

Canadian Paragliding Instructor and Tandem pilot since 2003. Flying Paragliders since 1999.

Mike has been flying tandems as a full time occupation, accumulating up to 180 tandem flights each year.

Tandem flights and solo flights are flown in a variety of conditions, flatland, mountain, high mountain altitude, coastal ocean and winter snow conditions.

Mike has a background in aviation since the early 70’s and competitive sailing in the 80’s and 90’s.

Based and living in Kunming city since 2006, exploring and flying Yunnan province China, Tibet and Nepal.

Fluent in English and Francais. Basics in Chinese mandarin.

Nick Crane

  • Advanced Paragliding Instructor -USHPA (UnitedStatesHanglidingParaglidingAssociation)
  • Tandem Paragliding Instructor -USHPA
  • Central-South American Paraglide Guide -6 years
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • PHD-Entrepreneur
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Age 50
  • From -Ashland, OR
  • ‘Prankster’

Nick has lead tours through out Central America for 6 years, and South America for 3 years. He speaks excellent Spanish, enough Portuguese to get in trouble, and sometimes out of trouble too!! Nick teaches paragliding in the Pacific NorthWest and Central America. Over the years he has pioneered some of the best paragliding sites in Costa Rica. Clients have included every level of pilot.

“Nick is a quirky, knowledgeable, patient man, he has years of direct experience interacting with people from all over the globe, practicing as an M.D. and guiding pilots. We are supportive of his aspirations in Central-South America, and pleased to have him on our team.”
President Fly Mami Afrika

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