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African ‘Roots’ Revivalis a Non Profit Organization designed to give power back to the people.

Our mission is to provide opportunities to rural people living in the areas we love all through out East Africa.

In many areas here there has been a fundamental kink in the overall ‘system’. Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda are synonymous with genocide, civil unrest, and safety concerns. This is a partially true perception, but after traveling to every livable ┬ácontinent possible the reality is there are places in North American cities that are much more dangerous than these amazing traditional areas.


What is a reality, is that after significant human losses in the mid 1990′s, many of the elders in these countries have been lost. Now there are tens of thousands of orphans, and uneducated adolescents desperate for exposure to a hopeful future. Unfortunately they don’t have simple basic things -i.e. clean water, nutrition, clothing, reasonable shelter, education, most importantly empowerment.

African ‘Roots” Revival will over many years build orphanages, schools, medical clinics, technical schools, trade schools, teach nutritional eating habits, procure mass water filtration units, provide jobs, to ensure that these people can create their own future, rather than involuntarily allowing a cycle of oppression to continue in their countries.

We are a “grass roots” organization concerned with people, water and overall ecosystems. We are small intentionally, no┬ábureaucratic processes will impede direct hand to hand results.

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